Prazwater has been serving the entire Los Angeles County for over 19 years, since 1999. with over 10,000 happy families and businesses who’ve used our pure water services to bring the best tasting water right from the tap at the most affordable price! Here are just a few reasons why thousands of Angelinos choose us for their water softener installations each year.

  • Our Water Treatment Systems is of an industry standard and will inevitably provide you and your family with savings in the long run.
  • Flexible Payment(no credit check): On a budget? Can’t afford to pay for your whole water filtration system upfront? No problem. At Praz, a water softener company where we offer flexible payment on all our products. Unlike our competitors, we do not require a pre-approved credit check.
  • We are the best drinking water system, and we take pride in our repeat customers. We are not a “one in done” service provider. We will frequently contact you after the initial water system installations for checkups.
  • All of our water purification systems are technology leaders. We are helping you with our water treatment systems for hard water. It means less than 1 grain per gallon of minerals in our water softener systems.
  • Our installation team is well experienced and has had decades of experience in the industry. Many dangers can occur when a provider wants to cut corners and send an unlicensed technician. At Praz, safety is our main priority.
  • Free In-House Estimates: We do not believe it’s ethical to give inaccurate estimates over the phone. Furthermore, we know that there are complexities as every home is different.