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“The Praz Signature” an affordable residential water softener system with industrial strength softening! The average Angelino uses up to 109 gallons per day during the hot summer months (Source: CA Legislative Analysts Office), well above the national average. When taking into consideration that Los Angeles has one of the highest tap water hardness levels in the nation, it becomes obvious that a higher standard for efficiency and durability has to be enforced when investing in a softener. 

Fortunately, the Praz Signature Water Softener meets the criteria. At a grain capacity of 225K it provides an abundance of softened water at a capacity where rapid wear and tear from excessive regeneration will never be an issue. It is no wonder that an investment in a Praz system is a clever one.

(For more information regarding regeneration and water softener components, please refer to the Important Attributes of Water Softeners ).

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  • 225K Grain Capacity- A Residential Water Softener System with Industrial Strength
  • 58 GPM Flowrate
  • Automate Self Cleaning Regeneration: Power saving technology that only allows for “regeneration” when needed.
  • Maintenance Cost Efficient: Uses Up to 75% Less Water & Salt.
  • Durable Can last up to 12 years without being serviced, as long as salt is replaced regularly
  • 12-hour clock battery backup for power outages
  • Softener retains settings even if unpowered for months
  • Top basket (prevents loss of resin)


  • 1″ Ported High-Flow Control Valve
  • Soft water brine tank refill
  • 10% cross-linked resin
  • Softener Tank Dimensions: 8″ x 44″ for 0.75 cubic foot, 9″ x 48″ for 1.0 cubic foot, 10″ x 54″ for 1.5 cubic foot, 12″ x 52″ for 2.0 cubic foot, 13″ x 52″ for 2.5 cubic foot, 14″ x 65″ for 3.0 cubic foot
  • Brine Tank Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 35″ (includes lid, dimensions at base slightly smaller)
  • 250 pound salt capacity (about 6 of the standard bags of salt)
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V Standard


Manufacturer’s Warranty: All Whole House Water Softener System, Industrial, and Commercial Water Softener Systems have a 1-year warranty on the resin appliance, 5-year limited warranty on Valve, Electronics & Parts, 10-year limited warranty on brine tank.

Installation Warranty:  Praz warrants to the original Customer that installation work performed by Praz for water softener systems, RO systems, and water conditioners will be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of installation, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this warranty document. Praz will perform the installation services in a professional manner and in substantial conformance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Praz’s warranty is limited to correction of any defective workmanship at no additional cost to Customer. This warranty covers installation services provided by Praz. Please consult the product warranty provided by the manufacturer for warranty coverage of products.

This Limited Warranty does not cover any defects or damages arising from causes other than the defective performance of the installation services provided by Praz, including but not limited to Customer’s failure to observe manufacturer’s instructions with respect to the product, subsequent alterations, misuse or abuse of the Praz installed product, or other causes beyond Praz’s reasonable control.

VOIDED WARRANTY: This Limited Warranty is voided if the product is removed, repaired, re-installed or otherwise tampered with.

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Why Choose the Praz Signature for your home?

Get Industrial Strength Softening of a 225K Grain Capacity, on a Residential Budget. Call Now to Inquire About Pricing.
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Platinum Service

As a locally owned business, we take pride in every one of our customers. Flexible payment options, free in-house quotes, and frequent “check-up” calls are just few of the ways we try to maintain our relationship. When you contact Praz, you are not forwarded to a call center. All of our staff is well-trained and have had years of experience in water treatment.
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Save Money

According to the Water Qualities Research Foundation a water softener system installation can save you up to 50% in reduced detergent costs. Furthermore, there is approximately 25% of energy savings in washing clothes when using softened water. The American Water Works association found that a softener can increase efficiency of appliances and machinery by up to 30%.
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Effective Technology

A Grain Capacity of 225K guarantees that the Praz Signature Residential Water Softener System is strong enough to handle the highest demand for high usage households. Soft water, unlike other resources, is something you want to have available in abundance.


Lifetime Warranty

Included on Parts & Installation.
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Top Quality

Modern Technology

Praz Signature Softener-Yelp Reviews

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Bought a water softener system a week ago. Their systems are really powerful and efficient,. All the other companies I spoke to seemed to not be sure on my exact water requirements but wanted to push for an installation anyway.

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I haven’t actually purchased anything from Praz. I’m writing this to give a review on how knowledgeable Praz’s manager was regarding water purification. I’m a prospective customer and he spent almost 30 minutes talking to me on the phone to teach me about mineral reduction in RO filters, pH enrichment in alkaline filters, etc. Once I’ve completed my research on what I want to purchase, I am for sure going to Praz because of his knowledge, patience, and friendliness.

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We’ve been with this company for many years and have always had great service and great tasting water. They do tend to call at random times of the evening to remind you about changing your water filter but they always show up on time and do their thing. I never understood how people could live without a water system.

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