Dual Faucet

The Signature Praz Dual Faucet delivers both cold and near boiling instant hot water from the single spout. The designer faucet is featured in stainless steel. The Praz Dual Faucet is lead-free and features a ceramic disc style valve for functionality and durability. Accidents are prevented by the built-in safety feature with a spring loaded shut off. An aerator tip allows for a clear and even stream of filtered water.

This kitchen faucet is a dual-flow faucet, (Hot/Cold). The filtered water is delivered via an independent tube in the faucet to avoid mixing with tap water. With a durable chrome finish this faucet is ideal for easy maintenance and care. This faucet has a dual handle one for filter water and the other for tap water. Also, the tap water single handle control contains a mixing valve for setting to the perfect water temperature. The filtered water dispensing handle has a variable valve for fast or slower filling. For the optimal, deluxe, experience, the faucet can be connected to our signature Praz Water Chiller and/or water heater dispenser. This Praz Dual Temperature Designer Faucet is RO compatible with the use of a separate air gap. Installation is through a standard sink hole or 1″ opening.


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