Praz Pure Water is   licensed and insured water filter system company in Los Angeles. Our Technicians, install and maintain your softener and drinking water filtration systems, so you don’t have to! No need to go through the headache of ordering a system from an e-commerce provider and having to install it yourself or even worse, hire an unlicensed & uninsured installer. We’ll do everything from start to finish  We also offer maintenance and filter changes annually. Our service and commitment don’t end with the installation.. that’s when it starts. It’s what separates us from other water filter companies.

We take pride in our drinking water systems and we are the only provider that offers a Water Softener & Filter Combo Package. Why choose between having a water softener for your hair/skin and a water filter for drinking when you can have both? Praz Pure Water has this covered and takes pride in being the only water purification company in Los Angeles that can bring this to you at an affordable bundled package.

At Praz, we know that a water purification system is a long-term investment, and hence, we thrive on long-term relationships. Our mission is to serve you: for any questions or queries, contact us any time at 310-894-8488.

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Our Affordable Whole House Filtration

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Why Choose Praz

A few reasons why we stand out…
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Platinum Service

Once a customer, always a customer. Our relationship with you begins on the day of installation, rather than end.
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More Bang for Your Buck

We supply you with better quality filtration and softening per dollar spent guaranteed.
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Durable Technology

Extra durable technology, well suited for LA’s extra hard tap water levels.

Comprehensive Warranty

Included on Parts & Installations

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Top Quality

Modern Technology

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

Anne Lynch
Anne Lynch
Arthur was prompt and professional in responding to my request for an on-site evaluation and discussion of options. Pray was then able to deliver materials and do the installation very quickly! Everyone on the team was kind, focused and knowledgeable. The job was all done better than anticipated -and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in water quality. Anne and family are Happy in Burbank!
Krys Kornmeier
Krys Kornmeier
We've had our Praz whole house filtration system for almost 3 months and love it. We moved from an area that had much softer water than Glendale and were surprised by our dry skin and hair, the mineral deposits on the faucets, and sediment in the drinking water. In researching solutions we found Praz Pure Water. Owner Arthur immediately returned our call, came to the house and answered all our questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. In addition to the softner, we purchased the under kitchen sink water purifer and chilled and hot water units-which we use constantly. Be aware that the units are fairly large and take up most of the under sink space, but for us it's been worth it. We highly recommend this company for its products and customer service.
jay thompson
jay thompson
Very rude on the phone not helpfull with answering my of my questions he hung up on me
Project Jawline
Project Jawline
Installed the Praz Package and it's amazing. The RO system's water tastes better than Fiji water. The water softener is really strong and barely makes a sound. Would recommend.
Brian Ni
Brian Ni
I was interested in buying a water softener. I spoke to Hovzep. At first I didn't really know what I needed. After a few minutes he quickly gained my trust with his vast knowledge and great customer service. I now have a softener and filter package at a bundled price.
Arthur Honicky
Arthur Honicky
Bought a water softener system and drinking water filter about 1 month ago so I waited to see how the product would pan out before writing this, but I am beyond happy. The softener prevents my skin from irritation and the drinking water is nice. Feels good not having to buy bottles anymore
Darshana Sarathchandra
Darshana Sarathchandra
Praz Pure Water is the best! Burbank has extremely hard water and my family was having skin issues due to the very hard water. Not to mention that are appliances and faucets were starting to corrode due to the harsh minerals in the hard water. I had enough! I called several places for estimates on a water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system for our house. I called several local installers, and even Costco’s contracted installer (and boy were they expensive!!). But Arthur at Praz Water not only offered the best deal, but also the best service! They gave us an installed price that couldn’t be beat! Not only that, they took the time even after installation to make sure that our new water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system was functioning correctly. They were excellent! Thank you Arthur for the excellent service and product you installed.
Sharif Hasan
Sharif Hasan
I bought a water softener and filter combo package and it turned out great. The deal was a steal. Love it."
InterMedia Advertising
InterMedia Advertising
Our agency needed a filtration system. We had about 6 floors and we needed a filtration system for each one. I called and Joseph answered. He seemed very experienced and was able to recommend the perfect filter that suited our needs. it's been a month since the installation and no complaints. I definitely recommend PRaz.

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