We are more than just another company  in Los Angeles that supplies water filtration systems. No, we actually represent the start of a lasting partnership. We stand by you all the time and make sure that your journey towards purer water is seamless and satisfactory all the time. We are dedicated to excellence and that is what truly sets us apart.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

We understand that water quality issues vary greatly for all. And that’s why we provide you the solutions customized only for you to meet the unique requirements of your own household or business. Our detailed assessment of your water quality tells us everything we need to develop a personalized solution for your specific needs. No more one-size-fits-all fixes because we provide a system that fits your life perfectly.

Superior Quality You Can Trust

Our markets are flooded with generic and unreliable products. But Praz Pure Water stands out because we only offer the highest quality, US-made water filtration and soft water systems. We carefully choose materials and components for a better durability, effectiveness, and long-term satisfaction that you will be happy with. Praz means consistency and dependability.

Expert Installation with Minimal Disruption

Our team of skilled technicians has years of experience and expertise in installing all types of reverse osmosis and softener systems. We are perfectly able to integrate those complex systems into your home or business with precision and efficiency with no disruptions. We respect your time and space and leave behind nothing but cleaner, healthier water.

Ongoing Support That Goes Above and Beyond

We don’t just solve problems with our customer service, we dedicate ourselves to educate you for the future as well. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor in all water-related scenarios and issues and help you make informed decisions that may directly be related to your health and environment. This customer-first approach is what makes Praz Pure Water a champion company that values your satisfaction above all and makes you, not just sales, their priority.

Experience the Praz Difference

So if you’re ready to improve your water quality to its highest potential, choose Praz Pure Water. With us, you will experience an unparalleled and never-seen-before customer service, superior quality, and solutions that are customized for your needs. Let us be your partner in the journey towards cleaner, safer water.

Our Best Sellers

Praz Signature Salt Based Water Softener System for Home

Signature Softener

Get Industrial Strength Softening on a Residential Budget.

CoolWater 500

Compact Reverse Osmosis Dispenser for Home & Business

Benty RO System

7 Stage Compact Size RO Drinking Water System

NuGen RO Filter

6 Stage Standardized Purification Model Alkaline Filter

So Why Choose Praz?

Our Exceptional Customer Service

A great customer service is what goes hand in hand with everything we do at Praz Pure Water. We believe in going above and beyond and make absolutely sure that your water filtration needs are met with total care and attention. Our dedicated team will always help you every step of the way, a journey that starts from the first consultation and keeps on going long after installation.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

This is what truly sets us apart. Praz is proud to offer only the highest quality water filtration systems. And guess what, all are proudly made right here in the USA. Unlike other companies that usually cut corners with cheap, generic alternatives, we give a lot of priority to durable systems. With Praz, you can definitely expect a premium product for an exceptional performance.

Customized Water Solutions

We understand this fact completely that every home and business has its own unique water purification requirements. That’s why we offer customized water solutions for your specific needs and budget. From basic filtration to advanced systems with multiple purification stages, you will have it all with us. Our solutions are very flexible and make pure, clean water accessible to everyone.

Exclusive Bundle Package

But wait, there’s more. Praz also offers you a special bundle package that includes both a water softener and filter system. This is exactly what you need to make sure that your water is not only soft but also free from any germs and harmful substances. We commit to superior value and convenience and our bundle deal shows it all.

US-Made Systems

Praz only uses products made in the USA. We never ever compromise on the quality and reliability of our water filtration systems because they simply have to meet the highest standards of excellence. This helps us make sure that our systems have the longevity and efficiency and that you have a peace of mind as well.

Bi Monthly Check Ups

We don’t just stop at the purchase. Praz Pure Water keeps working to your satisfaction even after installation. That’s why we offer bi-monthly check-ups to make sure that your water filtration system keeps performing at its best. We are really proactive in our customer care and address any concerns promptly.

We pledge to provide you with the best water system and water filtration systems for your budget that fits your needs while maintaining a long-term relationship.

As a Trusted Purification Company, We Pledge The Following

Platinum Service

Once a customer, always a customer. Our relationship with you begins on the day of installation, rather than end.

More Bang for Your Buck

We supply you with better quality filtration and softening per dollar spent guaranteed.

Durable Technology

Extra durable technology, well suited for LA’s extra hard tap water levels.

Comprehensive Warranty

Included on Parts & Installations

10% Discount

For new customers, Limited time only.

Top Quality

Modern Technology

Praz whole house water filter system package which includes an RO filter and softener installed under a sink in a kitchen in los angeles

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