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For over 19 years, Prazwater has been catering a variety of pure water solutions to residents, businesses, and more.
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About Us

Prazwater has been serving the entire Los Angeles county for over 19 years, since 1999. with over 10,000 happy families and businesses who’ve used our pure water services to bring best tasting water right from the tap, at the most affordable price point!

The Prazwater team has mastered the ability to test, purify and provide the best water solution designed for your specific needs in all of SoCal. We recognize that water is an essential part of our daily routines and has a direct influence in our health. In Los Angeles county alone, unfiltered water consumption causes buildup of bacteria, dissolved solids, and other metals both in our bodies and our home vanities.

That being said, buying bottles water has both an environmental and economic cost, don’t take the extra step and spend the extra dime to get the pure water you deserve. Prazwater strives to keep our customers water costs down while ensuring health as our top priority. Let us do the extra work for you and be the last step to giving you the water you deserve!

Featured Products

Benty – Our Newest Addition Benty

“ALL IN ONE” Signature Sleek 7-Stage Water Unit w/Alkaline fusion

PureWater Cooler

Blacked Out “Point Of Use” 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Purification Combo

ProSoft Water Softener

Signature Whole House Water Softener (HOT ITEM) Over 2,000 Customers who love this exact model!


7 Stage Standardized Purification Model (BEST SELLER) Alkaline Filter as Added Bonus from Praz Water

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