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Ever since 1999, Praz has established itself to be a reputable company when it comes to home and commercial water softener installations. But by not only offering superior and a much more modern technology for your customized water solutions but also because it prioritizes its commitment to its customers. We usually observe other providers whose main focus is on the pre-sale relationship but Praz goes above and beyond to make sure that its customers feel valued, supported and satisfied.

The Praz commitment goes way beyond the initial service is complete. This dedication to excellence in customer relations is what sets Praz apart from everyone else as the best water softener installation company.

Post-Installation Support: A Top Hallmark of Praz

When you choose Praz Pure Water, you’re opting for nothing but the best in whole house water softening solutions, solutions that are far from ordinary. We are absolutely committed to deliver top-tier softener systems that are proudly made in the USA and this truly sets us apart. We have seen a flood of generic, low-quality commercial water softener systems on the market that sacrifice durability and often break down but that’s not the case with Praz. Why not? Because we guarantee reliability and longevity. Our top promise: to provide you the products that fulfill your water softening needs while also letting you avoid those frequent headaches that come with cheaper alternatives.

• Regular Check-Ins and Proactive Maintenance
At Praz, we simply don’t wait for problems to show up and start ruining your life. We make sure that your water softening system is in top condition with regular and scheduled check-ins. This proactive maintenance helps you to improve your system efficiency and show our absolute commitment to your satisfaction. While others may be reactive, we take the initiative first and provide solutions before problems to safeguard the quality of your water.

Immediate Emergency Support
Water issues don’t have a set schedule, right? They can pop up any time which is why we have made sure that our reliable emergency support is available 24/7. If your system experiences an unexpected issue, you can count on Praz to assist you as soon as possible. We are committed to provide you immediate help whenever you need. It is our job to exceed your expectations and give you the peace of mind with our expert help which is merely just a phone call away.

Tailored Upgrade Solutions for Evolving Needs
Technology is ever-changing and so are the water softening methods at Praz. We totally understand your needs and how they may change over time and that is exactly why we provide customizable upgrade options. So if you want to improve your current system or expand it to meet your new demands, our solutions will make sure that you always have access to the highest quality water. We are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction and well-being and our solutions and after-sales services show how.

Choosing Praz, is like investing in a future where your water is soft, pure and reliable. Our team is fully dedicated and offers more than just a product; we offer a partnership that has been built on the foundation of superior, US-made quality products and a commitment that always exceeds your expectations – every step of the way.

A Commitment to Excellence
Praz does not believe in the standard transactional model. Our philosophy is one of care, commitment and continuous support. This helps us instill loyalty and trust among Praz customers who then know that they have chosen a partner who is not just after the sales but actually values their satisfaction and well-being above all else.

Through regular maintenance, emergency support and custom upgrades, Praz makes sure that every customer feels valued and gets all the support they need way beyond the initial installation. We are not just a water softener service provider but your trusted friend to help you improve the water quality in Los Angeles.

Experience a Boost to Your Standard of Living!

Simplified Cleaning

Can you imagine reducing your detergent usage by more than 50%? Praz water treatment systems are a game-changer for you because they make that dream a reality. Hard water has pretty high levels of calcium and magnesium which can build up soap residue on dishes and clothes. This usually results in an unpleasant appearance and odor. You can prevent any such issues with our water softening solutions.

Healthier Skin

We all want to look and feel our best, right? Well, that starts with a fresh, well-nourished skin. But unfortunately, the excess minerals in water can remove your skin’s natural oils which then causes dryness and sometimes severe irritation. But no worries, our systems effectively reduce this mineral content in your water and help you achieve a more nourished and hydrated complexion. Plus, our water softening system also minimizes the accumulation of soap scum and residue in your shower. So get ready for an effortless cleaning process with Praz.

Elevate Your Bath Experience

It is time to say goodbye to the never-ending battles against all those stubborn stains on your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. With water alone, you can effortlessly eliminate mineral deposits, ensuring that your fixtures, sinks, and bathtubs maintain their sparkling cleanliness and inviting allure. This creates a more pleasant home environment where water flows smoothly, leaving no unsightly marks or residue behind.

Eliminate Scale & Buildup

We have all been through that relentless struggle against stubborn stains on our bathroom and kitchen fixtures. But now you can use water as your secret weapon to remove mineral deposits with very little efforts and make sure that your fixtures, sinks, and bathtubs maintain their cleanliness and great appearance. This creates a much more pleasant home environment where water flows in a seamless way without leaving behind those yellowing marks or residue.

Enhance Taste, Better Cooking

Cooking is an art, right? And just like any other art, you need perfect ingredients to make your dishes unforgettable. What could be a better ingredient than clean, fresh, soft water that enhances the flavors of your dishes? What’s more, it also contributes to a healthier and more nutritious meal for your loved ones by reducing your usual mineral consumption. So it is time to experience the pleasure of cooking with water that perfectly complements your ingredients and their absolutely unique flavors.

Revitalize Skin & Hair

The detrimental effects of hard water are usually the reason behind extreme dandruff and hair fall. By using soft water, with its natural beauty-preserving qualities, you can keep your skin and hair hydrated, fresh without any damaging effects. These effects make you look much more attractive and feel refreshed. Soft water makes your beauty routine more efficient and will help you get a glowing, softer skin and shinier hair with each wash.

Customizable Hard Water Treatment Systems

Forget about all the extra Gizmo's and Gadgets. Our Softeners are built for industrial strength durability and output. What Really Matters

praz signature residential water softener system

Praz Signature


58 Gallons Per Minute
Flow Rate

Granular Capacity

Easy-Operate Meter

Auto Regeneration

24/7 Soft Water

Residential Usage

Praz Commercial


78 Gallons Per Minute
Flow Rate

Granular Capacity

Easy-Operate Meter

Auto Regeneration

24/7 Soft Water

Commercial Usage

praz industrial water softener for factories and manufacturing plants

Praz Industrial


Up to 1.2K GP/Minute
Flow Rate

1.2 Million
Granular Capacity

Easy-Operate Meter

Auto Regeneration

24/7 Soft Water

Commercial Usage

Our Installation Process Is Customized Just For You

      I.         Comprehensive Water Quality Assessment:

At the heart of our process is a comprehensive water quality assessment. We begin our journey with our cutting-edge technology and analyze various factors such as hardness, mineral content, and contaminants in your water. This detailed assessment helps us create the perfect solution for your household or business exactly as per your needs. And not just that, our solutions also anticipate and take into account your future requirements as well for your long-lasting satisfaction.

     II.         Expert System Selection:

Based on our detailed assessment, our water quality experts will discuss the findings with you and then walk you through the ideal softener system that’s best for you. Our focus is to meet your immediate needs while also creating a solution that will continue to meet your evolving requirements over time. We believe in solutions of unmatched quality and longevity, our motto is that simple.

   III.         Swift and Seamless Installation:

When it comes to installation, nobody can be more careful and professional than us. Our experienced technicians will do their absolute best to integrate the new water softening system into your life without causing any disruptions at all. They precisely install every component to make sure that it performs at its best. You see, we leave no room for compromises.

   IV.         Personalized Setup and Configuration:

After installation, we go the extra mile and personalize the setup and configuration of your system to exactly match your specific water usage preferences. This personalized approach will help you maximize the efficiency and get the most out of your new water softening solution. We believe that every detail matters; this is what helps us in delivering an exceptional experience.

     V.         Comprehensive Orientation:

Before we conclude and wrap things up, we will walk you through your new system and its operation, maintenance requirements, and how to monitor its performance. This way, you will have the knowledge to operate it at its best and be in control of your water quality. It is our belief that our informed customers usually make the best decisions and enjoy the greatest satisfaction with our service.

   VI.         Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our commitment never ever ends with just the installation. We have a very dedicated support schedule for you in case you need us in any tight situation.

·       Weekly Check-Ups: In the first month after installation, we offer weekly virtual check-ins and will answer any questions that you may have about any adjustments. This monitoring period and support from us will give you the peace of mind and show our utmost commitment to your satisfaction.

·       Bi-Monthly Check-Ups: After the first month, we will move to bi-monthly check-ups to help understand and improve your system’s performance. These regular assessments will help you to reveal any potential issues early all while maintaining top water quality. With Praz Pure Water, you sign up as our lifetime partner in water quality management.


When you choose Praz Pure Water, your water softening needs are in expert hands. We are extremely dedicated to customer satisfaction and our support is what sets us apart. With us, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a lifetime partner in your water quality management.

Previous Projects

Watch as our skilled PRAZ installer transforms Fashionspass a Los Angeles laundromat with our a top-of-the-line Industrial Strength Commercial System


 Why is a water softener needed in California?

Hard water can damage your plumbing and appliances and can hence lead to costly repairs and decreased efficiency. A water softener will generally improve the performance of your plumbing system.

Are water softeners legal in California?

Absolutely! Water softeners are legal in California. But there may also be some local regulations and restrictions for which we advise you to check with your municipality.

How to determine if I need a water softener?

Keep an eye out for signs like scale buildup, dry skin or even problems with your appliances. These issues will usually indicate that you’re dealing with hard water issues. A water test can confirm this as well.

What types of water softeners are best for California homes?

Ion exchange softeners are a common and effective choice for many. But the best option for you depends on various factors such as the hardness of your water, your usage and personal preferences.

Can water softeners be installed in apartments/condos?

Well, installation in apartments or condos may require HOA approval. There are portable water softener units available as alternatives as well.

Do you offer water hardness testing?

Absolutely! We offer free water hardness testing to see which water softening system will suit you the best for your specific needs.

How long does installation of a water softener typically take?

The installation process usually takes a few hours. But that will depend on the complexity of the system and specific requirements of your home.

Do I need to be present during the installation?

Yes, you should be present during the installation process to make sure the team has proper access and also to help with any communication or decision-making.

How much space is required for a water softener?

A small area in your garage or utility space will be sufficient for most systems.

What kind of maintenance does a water softener require?

Regular salt replenishment and annual check-ups; they help your system maintain its structure without any damage and keep running very efficiently.

How often should the salt in a water softener be replaced?

It depends on factors such as your water usage and the size of your system. On average, salt should be replenished every 6-8 weeks.

Are maintenance packages or service plans available?

Definitely! We understand the importance of ongoing maintenance and support so we offer various service plans for your requirements.

What should I do if my water softener stops working?

Our team is always here to help. Simply contact us and we will provide a comprehensive troubleshooting, repair and support options.

Are there any rebates available for installing a water softener?

Some local utilities may offer rebates or incentives to install a water softener. It’s worth checking out the local programs in your area for that purpose.

Do you offer financing for water softener installation?

We understand that the cost of installing a water.  So yes, we do offer financing options to help you make your investment more manageable.

Will a water softener significantly increase my water bill?

The operational costs of almost all household water softeners are very low. Efficient softeners should not significantly impact your water bills at all.

Is it safe to drink softened water?

Softened water is generally safe for drinking purposes, but keep in mind that it may contain a slightly higher sodium content. If you simply prefer drinking water with lower sodium levels, install a reverse osmosis system.

What is the environmental impact of using a water softener?

If you maintain water softeners properly, they have a very little impact on the environment. In fact, they can improve the overall efficiency of your appliances a lot while preventing the buildup of scale and rust.

Can I use softened water for gardening?

In general, we do not recommend to use softened water for gardening due to its sodium content.

Does a water softener remove beneficial minerals from the water?

Usually the water softeners do remove hardness minerals but not most of the essential minerals. If you want to, you can always add them back in desired quantities before consuming them.

How do you ensure compliance with California regulations?

We make sure to meet all California water quality and plumbing standards for the highest safety and reliability.

Are there any restrictions on water softeners in certain areas?

Some regions do have those restrictions or regulations for salt-based water softeners. However, we also offer alternatives that comply with local conservation laws in your area.

Arthur did a great job coming and explaining the process of softening water. From the beginning to end, the job of installing and guiding me through to set up the water softener was explained very professionally. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional install!
Anne Lynch
Anne Lynch
Arthur was prompt and professional in responding to my request for an on-site evaluation and discussion of options. Pray was then able to deliver materials and do the installation very quickly! Everyone on the team was kind, focused and knowledgeable. The job was all done better than anticipated -and WHAT A DIFFERENCE in water quality. Anne and family are Happy in Burbank!
Krys Kornmeier
Krys Kornmeier
We've had our Praz whole house filtration system for almost 3 months and love it. We moved from an area that had much softer water than Glendale and were surprised by our dry skin and hair, the mineral deposits on the faucets, and sediment in the drinking water. In researching solutions we found Praz Pure Water. Owner Arthur immediately returned our call, came to the house and answered all our questions. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. In addition to the softner, we purchased the under kitchen sink water purifer and chilled and hot water units-which we use constantly. Be aware that the units are fairly large and take up most of the under sink space, but for us it's been worth it. We highly recommend this company for its products and customer service.
jay thompson
jay thompson
Very rude on the phone not helpfull with answering my of my questions he hung up on me
Project Jawline
Project Jawline
Installed the Praz Package and it's amazing. The RO system's water tastes better than Fiji water. The water softener is really strong and barely makes a sound. Would recommend.
Brian Ni
Brian Ni
I was interested in buying a water softener. I spoke to Hovzep. At first I didn't really know what I needed. After a few minutes he quickly gained my trust with his vast knowledge and great customer service. I now have a softener and filter package at a bundled price.
Arthur Honicky
Arthur Honicky
Bought a water softener system and drinking water filter about 1 month ago so I waited to see how the product would pan out before writing this, but I am beyond happy. The softener prevents my skin from irritation and the drinking water is nice. Feels good not having to buy bottles anymore
Darshana Sarathchandra
Darshana Sarathchandra
Praz Pure Water is the best! Burbank has extremely hard water and my family was having skin issues due to the very hard water. Not to mention that are appliances and faucets were starting to corrode due to the harsh minerals in the hard water. I had enough! I called several places for estimates on a water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system for our house. I called several local installers, and even Costco’s contracted installer (and boy were they expensive!!). But Arthur at Praz Water not only offered the best deal, but also the best service! They gave us an installed price that couldn’t be beat! Not only that, they took the time even after installation to make sure that our new water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system was functioning correctly. They were excellent! Thank you Arthur for the excellent service and product you installed.
Sharif Hasan
Sharif Hasan
I bought a water softener and filter combo package and it turned out great. The deal was a steal. Love it."
InterMedia Advertising
InterMedia Advertising
Our agency needed a filtration system. We had about 6 floors and we needed a filtration system for each one. I called and Joseph answered. He seemed very experienced and was able to recommend the perfect filter that suited our needs. it's been a month since the installation and no complaints. I definitely recommend PRaz.

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