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Introducing the Praz Signature Softener; Unleashing Industrial Grade Performance, for Your Home


When it comes to residential hard water filtration solutions the Praz Signature Softener sets itself apart as a shining example of efficiency, durability and affordability. Designed and manufactured in the United States this groundbreaking product revolutionizes what homeowners can expect from a water softening system. The Signature System brings a perspective to residential water softening. With its performance and user friendly design that is also cost effective it stands out as a choice in its price range. For homeowners in search of a efficient and dependable water softening solution, without breaking the bank the Praz Signature Softener is the perfect option that truly embodies the idea of getting more value for less money.

Unmatched. Dependability

At the core of the Praz Signature lies its construction proudly made in the USA. Meticulously crafted with top notch materials this system is built to withstand the test of time guaranteeing lasting performance. In contrast to options available in the market the Praz Signature Softener never compromises on quality or reliability; it delivers industrial strength water softening capabilities within a compact design tailored for residential use.

Powerful Water Softening Performance

The standout feature of the Praz Signature Softener lies in its ability to soften water—typically seen in industrial grade systems. This powerhouse effectively eliminates minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause water issues. The outcome is not water but also prolonged appliance lifespan, reduced soap consumption and minimized scale buildup, within plumbing systems. Achieving this feat through an ion exchange process specifically optimized for residential water usage patterns ensures softening without bearing excessive costs commonly associated with industrial setups.

Economical and Efficient

One standout feature of the Praz Signature Softener is its efficiency. It offers cost savings for use, over time. By using water and requiring energy it helps lower utility bills. Moreover its lasting nature reduces the frequency of replacements or repairs. This efficient performance sets it apart from softeners in the price range that often compromise either on performance or cost effectiveness

Superior Performance at an Affordable Price

Compared to softeners in a price range the Praz Signature Softener excels in various aspects. Many competing products prioritize either efficiency or affordability but rarely both. However Praz has successfully achieved a balance by offering a system that does not compromise on performance or durability while remaining accessible to homeowners.

Customizable and User Friendly

Recognizing that every home has water softening requirements the Praz Signature Softener is designed with flexibility, in mind. It provides settings that allow homeowners to adjust its operation according to their water usage and hardness level. Additionally its user friendly interface ensures managing these settings and monitoring system performance is hassle free.

Friendly Approach

Another noteworthy feature of the Praz Signature Softener is its eco design. By reducing the amount of water and salt used compared to softeners it not helps save money but also has a positive impact, on the environment. In alignment with the growing populace of consumers searching for eco-friendly remedies for their dwellings, this sustainable tactic corresponds well.


  • 225K Grain Capacity- A Residential Water Softener System with Industrial Strength
  • 58 GPM Flowrate
  • Automate Self Cleaning Regeneration: Power saving technology that only allows for “regeneration” when needed.
  • Maintenance Cost Efficient: Uses Up to 75% Less Water & Salt.
  • Durable Can last up to 12 years without being serviced, as long as salt is replaced regularly
  • 12-hour clock battery backup for power outages
  • Softener retains settings even if unpowered for months
  • Top basket (prevents loss of resin)


  • 1″ Ported High-Flow Control Valve
  • Soft water brine tank refill
  • 10% cross-linked resin
  • Softener Tank Dimensions: 8″ x 44″ for 0.75 cubic foot, 9″ x 48″ for 1.0 cubic foot, 10″ x 54″ for 1.5 cubic foot, 12″ x 52″ for 2.0 cubic foot, 13″ x 52″ for 2.5 cubic foot, 14″ x 65″ for 3.0 cubic foot
  • Brine Tank Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 35″ (includes lid, dimensions at base slightly smaller)
  • 250 pound salt capacity (about 6 of the standard bags of salt)
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V Standard


Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year warranty on the resin appliance, 5-year limited warranty on Valve, Electronics & Parts, 10-year limited warranty on brine tank.

Installation Warranty:  Praz warrants to the original Customer that installation work performed by Praz for water softener systems, RO systems, and water conditioners will be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of installation, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this warranty document. Praz will perform the installation services in a professional manner and in substantial conformance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Praz’s warranty is limited to correction of any defective workmanship at no additional cost to Customer. This warranty covers installation services provided by Praz. Please consult the product warranty provided by the manufacturer for warranty coverage of products.

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