Point of Use Water Dispenser | CoolWater 500

Point of Use Water Dispenser -CoolWater 500: Comes with a selection of colors: Black, White, or Gray unit! It is one of many point of use water dispensers we offer that is totally bottleless. For Optimal Luxurious combination, integrate our Coolwater 500 with an RO Filter with one of our many packages. The system as two hot and cold tank reservoirs at a capacity of of 1.4L.

The CoolWater 500 is a popular model among our rental community here at Prazwater. It caters to a specific kind of need or budget for people looking to get a pure point of use water dispenser in order to avoid the headaches involved with plastic jug storage. Many of our clientele who love specific water stores for the taste and quality they provide but want it in high quantity go with this product due to the ability to fill up large amounts of water and connect it to a dispenser all with ease and simplicity.


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