Point of Use Water Cooler – CoolWater 650

Point of Use Water Cooler – CoolWater 650 – Sleek Black & White: *Point of Use X Bottled Cooler Combo* Top or Bottom Loaded water 6 Gallon Water Bottle! Combines with any of our reverse osmosis systems or a pre-existing system a customer might already own. Instant Boiling Hot and Freezing Cold Water 50 GPD + All Internal Filtration – System and Tank fits right inside!

CoolWater 650 is the best of both worlds for standard point of use water cooler models (connected right to your water homes R/O system or waterline) and combined for people who prefer to do bottle refills. You can get the most out of your offices or homes water cooler depending on what your needs are! Comes with a signature water dispenser that can handle boiling hot and freezing cold temperatures. (Different then most competitors who only provide with a general hot and general cold) (50° – 60°).
This point of use water cooler model can be purchased with any of our standard R/O systems to ensure the drinking water you have is purified to the highest caliber.

(Can also be used with pre-existing R/O system or no R/O system *not recommended*)

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