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Unveil the Benty-720 Alkaline Water System: a pinnacle in pure alkaline solutions for the whole house. As a standout product, this system melds alkaline fusion with superb filtration prowess, offering you water at a stable 8.5 pH and an impressive -300 ORP while delivering up to 50 gallons each day. Strikingly different from its peers, the Benty-720 sports an “ALL IN ONE” Signature Sleek 7-Stage Water Unit—surpassing older models in looks and utility. Such distinction stems from its cohesive form that outshines standard benchmarks of efficiency and design. Snugly fitting under your sink, it takes no more room than your home computer would. Small yet powerful; through its seven-stage purifying process, discerning customers choose it for top-notch purity, flavor, and visual charm.

Picture easy access to Smart Water rich in electrolytes straight from your tap—a reality made possible by the Benty-720 Alkaline Water System. Not just any filter can match up; it boasts three distinct features uncommon in other reverse osmosis devices.

To start off with a bang, it includes an advanced alkaline water filter adept at nixing toxins like fluoride—a boon for those striving to enhance their health or wellness game significantly. By ridding your drinking supply of fluoride (and other nasties), gain peace of mind knowing each sip is free from elements that could pose harm.

In its second phase, the Benty-720 Alkaline Water System boasts an advanced seven-tier filter. Each layer acts to rid your water of dirt, toxins, and substances you’d rather not have—resulting in a drink that’s both pure and a joy for the taste buds. Key among these stages is the carbon trap; it snares hazards deftly, allowing you to fill your glass straight from the tap with sureness.

As for meeting household needs? The Benty-720 shines. Daily, it can churn out 50 gallons—a match for even high-demand homes. Every family member gets their share of clear, healthful liquid for drinking or cooking; hydration woes are history with this powerhouse on duty.

Picking the Benty-720 as your alkaline system choice does more than boost well-being—it uplifts living standards too. State-of-the-art traits bring forth all advantages of pristine alkaline fluids minus hassles like store-bought bottles or waiting on others.

Why hesitate? Seize command over what you drink by choosing Benty-720 today! Embrace a new era in home water systems where purity meets refreshment head-on. Your health will show gratitude—and your palate will sing praises!

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