Under Sink Filtration System | RO-400

Discover the performance of our selling 5 stage under sink ro water filtratino system, designed to provide you with water that tastes as refreshing, as Crystal Geyser©. It has gained popularity among individuals who prioritize the removal of Chloramines and Fluoride from their water supply. With our RO 400 system you can rest assured that chemical free water is no longer a concern for you. We have carefully. Incorporated components that are certified by WQA and FDA ensuring optimal filtration performance. Our system is engineered to eliminate the range of contaminants compared to any reverse osmosis system available. Here are a few examples of what it filters;


And many more…

The elite 5 stage filtration process begins with sediment and minor particle removal culminating in an activated carbon disinfection stage to eliminate any unwanted taste.

Stage 1; The carbon block filter effectively removes sediment, chlorine and other chemicals.
Stage 2; The enhanced chloramine reduction cartridge further eliminates chemicals.
Stage 3; Our advanced fluoride reduction cartridge ensures fluoride is significantly reduced.
Stage 4; The reverse osmosis membrane plays a role in removing dissolved substances such as radium, lead, arsenic and numerous others.

Invest in our notch, under sink filtration system today. Experience water quality like never before!Step 5 – Our Quantum Disinfection™ and Granular Activated Carbon Final Polishing Filter effectively eliminates bacteria. Improves the flavor of the water.

Our team of experts has thoroughly. Validated these 5 stage reverse osmosis filter systems.

If you have any inquiries or require a quote, for the RO 400 please feel free to contact our water filter technician at 310 894 8488 for assistance.

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