Under Sink Drinking Water Filtration System | RO-500

Introducing our selling under sink drinking water filtration system that offers water quality to renowned brands, like Fiji Water©.

The Clean Cut RO System is our seller at Prazwaters. It boasts a purification formula and an enriching combination providing 50 gallons per day of 6 stage purification;

  • Stage 1. Polypropylene Sediment Pre Filter; This filter effectively screens out dirt, sand, rust and other minuscule particles that’re up to 15 times smaller than a grain of sand.
  • Stage 2. Activated Carbon Pre Filter; This filter reduces the elements that can make water taste and smell unpleasant including chlorine. By removing chlorine it also protects the TFC membrane.
  • Stage 3. Activated Carbon Filter; Similar to the stage this filter further reduces elements that affect the taste and smell of water.
  • Stage 4. Membrane with a capacity of producing 50 gallons per day; Our high capacity membrane eliminates particles and TDS ( dissolved solids) in water leaving pure water behind. It acts as the filter by removing chlorine, fluoride, bacteria and up to 99.99% of all known contaminants in water. With this membrane in place you can enjoy up to 99.99% water at home.
  • Stage 5. Post Carbon Filter; This additional filtration stage ensures crystal water.

Experience quality, with our selling under sink drinking water filtration system – the Clean Cut RO System!Step 6. Mineral Filtration; We have introduced an In Line Mineral Cartridge to improve the taste and enrich water with minerals.

The RO 500 is our product because of its simplicity. Many of our clients choose this system after reviewing their options because it provides top notch water filtration while also offering the features for enhancing the drinking experience. The quality of water produced by the RO 500 is comparable, to that of Smart Water ensuring taste, purification and enrichment! It’s no wonder why it’s a choice, among buyers!

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