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With over 1000 Commercial Water Filtration Jobs performed in Los Angeles since 1999, Praz has earned a name amongst LA business in the name in water purification.
From day one we’ll help you choose the right commercial reverse osmosis system depending on the need and preference of your business. We’ll assist you in the implementation, assessment, design, and installation to meet the specific water filtration needs. The expertise of our water filtration experts will make you feel at ease as all your answers will be handled.

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A Size for Every Business

When it comes to Commercial RO Water Filter Systems, we know that every business have different requirements. Each type of establishment has it’s own water needs. Whether you own a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a gym, we will install a Commercial RO system that’s ideal for the nature of your business.  Our systems daily capacity range from 100 to 2,000 GPD. We take pride in being able to accommodate for high output requirements, without sacrificing quality.. and still maintaining competitive pricing!

No Lead, Or Unhealthy Contaminants

Water treated by reverse osmosis water filtration does not contain  any traces of lead, asbestos, or any poisonous chemicals.  Contaminants, such as lead, normally have very small molecules, which often scale through other ways of filtering. Praz’s commercial RO systems have very fine membranes which trap any molecule bigger than water molecules, preventing them from polluting drinking water.
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Ideal for Staff & Customers

The quality of water a customer or client is served in a commercial establishment, is often one of the first impressions they get of your business. Whether you own a restaurant or the office, there are plenty of reasons why having pure tasting water is vital. Food tastes better, coffee is smoother, and the list goes on. Even more importantly, employees will no longer have to buy bottle water and have you deal with excess plastic waste.

Our Commercial Solutions

We Offer Filtration & Dispensing Systems All in One Affordable Bundle
  • Prop 6000 Reverse Osmosis System
    Product Title
  • 10% discount for online purchase

  • Warranty

  • Electric Operation
    Electric Operation
  • 100 - 2000 GPD

  • Commercial Usage
    Restaurants/Coffee Shops/Bakeries
    Commercial Usage
  • Praz-Level Free Commercial Standing Drinking Fountain
    Product Title
  • 5% discount for online purchase

  • 1 year warranty

  • Cold Temprature
    Hot & Cold & Room Temprature

  • Noise Suppression
    Noise Suppression

  • Commercial Usage
    Include RO Filtration System/Bottleless

Why Choose Praz

A few reasons why we stand out…
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Free On-Site Estimates

As a locally owned business, we take pride in every one of our customers. We understand that most individuals do not have the plumbing expertise to describe their piping or their water needs. As a result, we offer free on-site estimates to add to your convenience.
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Save Money

Considerably cheaper than exclusively buying bottled water or subscribing to a jug replacement service. When storage, transportation, and refrigeration costs are factored, it becomes apparent that a reverse osmosis filter is an investment that pays itself out throughout its life cycle.
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Truly Tasteless

Treatment plants use chlorine to get rid of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms before drinking water is distributed to your home. This leaves a sulfuric, chlorine type taste. With a minimum of four stage purification our water filter systems  bring you truly tasteless water.

Lifetime Warranty

With our annual filter change program.
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10% Discount

For new customers, Limited time only.
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Top Quality

Modern Technology

Yelp Reviews

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Bought a water softener system a week ago. Their systems are really powerful and efficient,. All the other companies I spoke to seemed to not be sure on my exact water requirements but wanted to push for an installation anyway.

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I haven’t actually purchased anything from Praz. I’m writing this to give a review on how knowledgeable Praz’s manager was regarding water purification. I’m a prospective customer and he spent almost 30 minutes talking to me on the phone to teach me about mineral reduction in RO filters, pH enrichment in alkaline filters, etc. Once I’ve completed my research on what I want to purchase, I am for sure going to Praz because of his knowledge, patience, and friendliness.

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We’ve been with this company for many years and have always had great service and great tasting water. They do tend to call at random times of the evening to remind you about changing your water filter but they always show up on time and do their thing. I never understood how people could live without a water system.

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Discover Why Over 10.000 Customers Choose Praz

Let Us Help to Find The Water Solutions You Deserve.
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    Discover Why Over 10.000 Customers Choose Praz

    Let Us Help to Find The Water Solutions You Deserve.

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