LED Smart Water Tankless Alkaline System – 600 GPD



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Experience the newest edition to Praz, the SmartWater Alkaline System with 4 stage purification and a whopping 600 Gallons Per Day Output.  It boasts a Signature Sleek Tankless Design to save you money and space! 7-Stage Water Unit w/ALKALINE fusion at a consistent 8.5 pH/-300 ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

The best of PURE TANKLESS Alkaline Systems: The Smartwater Signature Sleek has an all-in-one design that ranks far superior to any competitor and their version as it boasts its tankless technology. The system includes a 5 micron PP sediment filter, GAC coconut shell carbon filter, DOW Film RO membrane element, special alkaline PRO filter, and coconut shell post-filter. It is simple to use, with push-fit connections and built-in pressure gauges indicating pre-filter and membrane conditions.

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